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Trai makes per second billing mandatory
The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has made it mandatory for mobile operators to offer at least one tariff plan based on ‘per-second' billing. It said that all network operators should have at least one tariff plan which will provide per second billing out of 25 different tariff plans which telcos could offer to its customers.
“It has been observed that per second billing system is more acceptable among the majority of subscribers, because it enables the subscriber to pay only for the actual usage,” TRAI said while issuing the tariff order.
TRAI has also allowed telcos to charge up to four times the existing rates for its premium services. These services will include phone calls and text messages which are sent to participate in TV and radio programmes such as reality shows. 
"The authority does not intend to restrict the growth of services involving content nor to curb the revenue streams available for the service providers," Trai said.
All leading telcos said they already offer the per-second billion options to their customers. Trai too acknowledged this and said that 'scrutiny of tariff offers available in the market shows that almost all the service providers currently have per second billing' options made available to subscribers for making local and STD calls'.
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