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Telenity Introduces Location-based 3G Network Optimization Solution
Telenity , a leading provider of location based services, social media, mobile marketing, service delivery, and messaging platforms and solutions, has launched Canvas SmartCoverage, location-based 3G network coverage and capacity planning solution. The product, recently tested in a Tier 1 mobile operator network in APAC, provides operators with the ability to make considerably more informed capital investment decisions through subscriber (end user) targeting, location-based profiling, and demand-side reporting.
Canvas SmartCoverage brings an innovative perspective to network optimization by providing network planners with valuable business intelligence assistance derived from location profiling of subscribers targeted for 3G data plan subscriptions. The targeted subscribers can be those with smartphones and above a certain level of ARPU, those with smartphones but without data plans, or other criteria determined by the operator. By tracking locations of the target segment, Canvas SmartCoverage generates a density map showing time-sliced reports of the subscribers’ physical presence. The service provider is provided with a comparative analysis of this density map with the present 3G data coverage map, which highlights the following two very crucial business intelligence information:
  • Places currently without 3G coverage yet frequently visited by the target group pointing out areas where coverage plans need to be accelerated
  • Places currently without 3G coverage that are not frequently visited by the target group pointing out areas where coverage plans can be delayed
“Cost pressures and capacity demand on the mobile network is ever increasing causing operators to look at all types of optimization to make their networks more efficient,” said Osman Perksoy, VP Product Management and Marketing at Telenity. “Traditional optimization methods depend on reports generated by load distribution on deployed infrastructure. Through innovative use of location technology to track physical presence of end users and their concentration, or lack of it, Telenity’s Canvas SmartCoverage provides network planners additional insight to optimize 3G cell deployments and invest where it makes the most business sense.”
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