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TEMA India Raises Concern about the US Assistant Trade Representative’s letter to DoT
The Telecom Equipment Manufacturers Association (TEMA) of India, in a communication to the Secretary, Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Government of India, have expressed their dismay over the recent media reports about the letter from the US Assistant Trade Representative suggesting  India should take a soft stand on national security issues as far as the Indian telecommunication industry is concerned.
The letter from the US Assistant Trade Representative (South & Central Asia), Mr. Michael J Delaney to DoT's DDG (Security) questions the upcoming security framework in the telecom industry wherein the Government of India has indicated that 50 per cent of all 'core telecom network equipment ' will have to be indigenously developed or manufactured.
Mr. Delaney has also questioned some of the provisions contained in the draft National Security Policy like:
a. The Indian telecom service provider to induct hardware and software only from "trusted sources" with Indian certification ;
b. Mandatory requirement by the telecom network operators to install telecom equipment only after obtaining the certification in India.
"Going by the media reports, the contents of the letter from US, ATR are not in our nation's interest. Mr. Delaney has impressed upon Government of India to ignore / dilute such provisions. This stand not only challenges the Indian policy, but also increases the national security threat," said Mr. Ashok K Aggarwal Honorary Director-General, Telecommunication Equipment Manufacturers Association of India. Mr. Aggarwal also said that the U.S Government has stringent checks and balances in their country to thwart all possibilities of security threat for their critical infrastructure like Telecom, which is clearly evident from the recent investigations ordered by the US House Intelligence Committee in this regard. This letter from US ATR clearly demonstrates the double standards being adopted by the US.
TEMA in its communication stressed upon the Government of India that the concerns raised by Mr. Delaney should be ignored and not taken cognizance of in the nation's security interest in the final National Security Policy 2011.
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