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Kaltura Launches OTT Now: World’s First End-to-End
Kaltura, the leading video technology provider has announced Kaltura OTT Now, the most comprehensive end-to-end ‘OTT platform in a box’. Drawing on Kaltura’s widely deployed OTT TV platform, with modularity that enables unprecedented levels of customization and integration, OTT Now provides content owners, broadcasters and service providers a cost-effective entry point that incorporates out-of-the-box all the functionality required to launch a compelling OTT services in the shortest time to market - as little as two months.
“Consumer adoption of OTT video is in a rapid growth phase with global revenues expected to reach $30 billion by 2015,” said Michael Goodman, Director of Digital Media Strategies at Strategy Analytics. “With OTT Now, Kaltura is positioning itself to help second tier video service providers, which comprise the majority of OTT video service providers, capture a share of this burgeoning marketplace.” 
At IBC, Kaltura will demonstrate how OTT Now offers all the tools necessary to quickly and cost-effectively launch an OTT service – from a robust backend to slick personalized mobile and web applications that can be easily branded and launched. 
The solution allows customers to leverage a variety of business models - subscriptions, transaction-based (including in-app purchasing), ad-funded and freemium. In addition, OTT Now customers benefit from Kaltura's OTT roadmap, adding new functionality to their OTT services down the line.
OTT Now is based on Kaltura’s market-leading, end-to-end OTT TV solution. While OTT TV can be customized to the fullest extent, OTT Now includes a standardized set of functionalities to ensure a low price point and fast time to market. The service includes applications for mobile, web and connected devices as well as live and VOD preparation; store and subscriber management; personalization (including targeted ads and content recommendations); content syndication and a range of marketing tools. 
“Although OTT services have become a must-have for content owners, broadcasters and service providers, we recognize that many of these businesses lack the resources, the know-how or the confidence to embark on this path,” said Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura Co-founder, Chairman and CEO. 
“For the first time, Kaltura OTT Now offers everything they need - in one place and from one vendor - to provide a compelling subscription, transaction, and ad-based OTT service to any device, in super-quick time and at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions” Yekutiel added. 
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