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Bridge Technologies Makes VB220 Digital Media Monitoring Probe Special Edition for AppearTV Installations
Bridge Technologies (NAB Booth SU4916) has produced two versions of its VB220 digital media monitoring probe in form factors to fit AppearTV (NAB Booth SU7605) chassis. Designated the VB220-ATV, the probe maintains feature parity with the standard VB220, and will integrate readily into any AppearTV-based infrastructure. 
Available for AppearTV’s 4RU and 1RU chassis, the VB220-ATV offers a highly-developed efficient solution for digital media monitoring either as part of a complete Bridgetech monitoring system, or when used with third-party network management systems. Embodying a range of market-leading technologies the VB220-ATV gives engineers a complete and detailed view into the data stream.
“Accurate and timely monitoring information is essential for any digital media operation, so a form factor that makes it easy to integrate Bridge Technologies probes into our installations is very welcome,” said Carl Walter Holst, CEO of AppearTV.
The VB220-ATV can, as the standard VB220, be specified to order with all the options available in the comprehensive Bridge Technologies product line such as: up to 8 advanced ETR290 engines for detailed analysis and Gold TS Reference protection for media streams; up to 5 OTT engines for analysis and continuous monitoring of manifest and playlist syntax, DVB-T2MI parsing and alarming; optional second GigaBit interface and full SCTE-35 signaling analysis. All  these options in addition to the standard features of 260 streams monitoring, the built-in Eii (External integration interface), and the award winning web GUI of the device.
“Many Bridge Technologies customers are also users of AppearTV systems so it makes great sense to offer our technology in a format that integrates physically into AppearTV chassis,” said Simen Frostad, chairman of Bridge Technologies. “Like all Bridgetech probes, the  VB220-ATV provides monitoring capability which is completely transparent, allowing the engineer to analyze every point in the network, at any time, in any depth of detail.”
More information about Bridge Technologies and its products is available at www.bridgetech.tv or by phone at +47 22 38 51 00.
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