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Axiros and MGTS Team To Build Intelligent TR-069 Control System in Russia Axiros, the technology leader in device management, TR-069, and IoT solutions for service providers, enterprises, and OEMs, Moscow City Telephone Network (MOEX: MGTS) within the group of MTS (NYSE: MBT), one of the largest operators of local wire communications in Europe, and Technoserv, the biggest Russian system integrator company, announce a partnership to introduce a new line of TR-069 provisioned customer premises equipment (CPEs) for advanced device management to the customer network. This partnership will increase the number of advanced services offered on the MGTS network and improve the quality of service to customers, expanding into areas such as the smart home and Internet of Things (IoT).

"Using Axiros AXESS ACS for TR-069, MGTS has more control over its network, including the ability to analyze the profile of consumption of services and state of the users' devices, as well as remotely configure customers' equipment, providing access to the latest services offered by MGTS," commented Kurt Peterhans, CEO of Axiros. "Also, Axiros' implementation of TR-069 provides MGTS with the ability to automatically control the speed of access specified by the customer's plan, plus they can run remote diagnostics and reconfigure equipment without a visit to the customer, which will reduce downtime and costs and keep their customers happy."

"Times are changing fast for us. We expect that by 2016, a typical home or office will upgrade to a broader telecom service package to include video services, voice, data, and digital TV on multiple devices," said Alexander Trokhin, Technical Director for MGTS. "This will require not only high-speed data channels on our GPON network, but also advanced ways to manage network architecture and subscriber units. Application of TR-069 is another step towards the realization of our strategy of being a multi-service operator and is an essential tool to strengthen our technological superiority in the market."

"MGTS has one of the most advanced networks in Russia. Together with Axiros, we are pleased to be able to offer MGTS the latest control system of CPEs. The first phase of the project has been completed, and we hope this is the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership with MGTS and Axiros to create a multifunctional system that includes the collection and analysis of statistics, Wi-Fi-device management, and analysis of service quality. I especially want to mention the relevance of Axiros' solutions for Russia, since the majority of Axiros' developers are located in Kazan and Russia," said Andrey Borodin, Telecom Business Development Director for Technoserv.

MGTS is rolling out the first stage of its new client management system to allow all modems to access the Internet. In the second phase, they will begin the automatic monitoring of all the types of devices that provide Internet access, including digital TVs, video surveillance, security and fire alarms, set-top boxes, Wi-Fi bridges, cameras, PLC-adapters, and other various types of sensors.
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