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WalkOn App rewards people for activity, makes fitness a status symbol
With the launch of its free Android app, “WalkOn” Mobile Health Solutions (MHS) promises to usher in a new era of “health-e” commerce where businesses walk their talk on consumer well-being. The app features free products/services and exclusive discounts and deals from 20+ brands in the form of rewards ‘earned’ by users for simply walking, jogging or cycling. The rewards offer real value incentives to people across India to lead active lifestyles and gives businesses the chance to stand for health and stand out from competition.
“WalkOn converts fitness into a currency, it makes sweat pay!” says Shwetank Verma, co-founder and ex-PWC chartered accountant and intrapeneur for a multi-billion dollar fund. “WalkOn’s innovation is to combine people’s love for retail with their desire to get and stay fit. It is about making prevention fun rather than a chore.” 
Rahul Batra, co-founder, who had earlier co-founded a clean energy venture, adds “it is a win-win situation for both the fitness seeker and the brand. We are excited to be launching India’s first digital fitness rewards platform of its kind. WalkOn’s vision is to assist users in making better choices by measuring a broad spectrum of health data” .
The WalkOn app works by integrating with pedometer apps like Moves and Runkeeper and will connect to wearables soon. This allows users the flexibility to earn rewards on WalkOn while using a fitness app or device of their choice. WalkOn users take part in time and distance based fitness challenges (like walking 10 kms in 2 days) and earns real rewards if they complete the challenge. The challenges give users the extra shot of motivation to get fitter by givingthem  a chance to earn free beauty products, foot massages and snacks!
WalkOn already has a thriving ecosystem of brand partners (promoted as #BrandsThatCare) including MakeMyTrip, Forever 21, SmokeHouse Deli, eBay, Khadi Naturals and Uzuri Deck and Dining.  Niche brands include Just Herbs, Aaranyaa, Rustic Art and Shubh Puja.
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