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Thomson Video Networks' ViBEā„¢ CP6000 Now Provides All-in-One Video Contribution for Both Cloud-Based and Ground Deployments Thomson Video Networks has announced that its industry-leading ViBE™ CP6000 contribution platform now offers advanced capabilities for broadcast-quality video transmission over unmanaged networks, including the open Internet. By enabling cloud-friendly deployments for contribution and primary distribution, the ViBE CP6000 now provides an all-encompassing media infrastructure that supports multiple codecs, multiple networks, and multiple devices for ground-to-cloud and ground-to-ground video delivery.

"In line with our commitment to bring innovative solutions to our customers and in order to smooth their migration to cloud-based architectures and cut their transmission costs, the ViBE CP6000 has been enhanced to provide a unified platform for clean transmissions over the Internet, as well as ground-to-ground contribution," said Stéphane Cloirec, director of product management at Thomson Video Networks. "As a cloud-friendly contribution platform for broadcast-quality video, the ViBE CP6000 is an important component in our elastic video delivery solution for both traditional and new-media broadcasters and pay-TV operators. With an all-in-one solution, media enterprises are able to simplify workflows, streamline operation and deployment, and reduce transmission costs by using the open Internet instead of managed IP networks."

In a single rack unit, the ViBE CP6000 provides comprehensive ground/cloud contribution and primary distribution capabilities that until now have required at least two separate systems, one for high-quality MPEG encoding and another for clean transmission of the compressed content over the Internet. The ViBE CP6000 offers encoding or decoding for up to eight SD or HD channels with unmatched compression performance and format support up to MPEG-4 4:2:2 10-bit. For Internet contribution, the ViBE CP6000 integrates the Zixi™ stream protection algorithm to ensure the highest quality of service for video transport. Running as an integrated ViBE CP6000 service, Zixi provides a quality of service (QoS) layer designed for video delivery over unmanaged IP networks. It copes with Internet network impairments, packet loss, and jitter to offer broadcast-quality video delivery at an affordable cost.
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