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Handygo to invest Rs 120 Crore for penetration of ‘Behtar Zindagi’ services

Handygo Technologies will be investing approx Rs 120 crore in the span of next 12 months across 6 states in India for ‘Behtar Zindagi’ - its unique mobile based service for farming and allied communities across India. Through this activity, Behtar Zindagi is expected to reach out to approx 1, 00,000 villages across 6 states in India. The Company intends to strengthen the processes and infrastructure, initiate tie ups with various Government and Non Government bodies, soil and agricultural research institutes and educate the rural masses for leveraging the application for the betterment of their lives. The service which was launched in 2009 is available in 18 regional languages, with already more than 1.67 million subscribers across the country.
This service will help mobile customers (specifically across rural parts of the country) to receive comprehensive information and updates on a wide range of relevant topics including weather updates, Mandi rates, live stocks, agriculture, fisheries, health, education and finance on their mobile handsets.
Handygo Technologies also provides sessions to support the Behtar Zindagi subscribers with an aim to sensitize them with the happenings around and educate them about the usage and scope/benefits of using the service for enhancement of their yield, to enhance their living standards and to get real time update/responses to their queries. These sessions were taken during the various ground activities pursued, which included agricultural & rural fairs, farmer’s exhibitions, VAN promotions, contests, associations with local NGOs, announcements through community radio, distribution of free physical coupons, etc across different areas and districts in the state. This service supports a wide range of dialects and is available in Hindi and 17 other regional languages.
Mr. Praveen Rajpal, CEO, handygo Technologies, said, “The response that ‘Behtar Zindagi IVR’ has received is phenomenal. Since the day of the launch in 2009 to this day, we have successfully addressed to queries from over 1.67 million subscribers, which no other MVAS developer has been able to achieve till date. Our services have been subscribed to by all the major green field operators who have leveraged the same to reach out to their rural target audience. We have invested more than 100 million and we will continue to strive hard to accomplish our objective for providing a much better life to the people in rural India, however government role is very crucial in fulfilling our dreams of Better India.”
Handygo has joined hands with various private and government bodies(including Indian Meteorological Dept, Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services, CARE, CAB International and more) to collate relevant information and organize its dissemination to farmers using region interactive voice as medium supported by voice and text messages.
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