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Uninor to increase investments and focus on 9 best performing circles

Uninor management has decided to prioritise its focus on Mumbai, Maharashtra & Goa and seven other best performing circles of UP East, UP West, Bihar and Jharkhand, Kolkata, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat. 
This also means that the company’s operations in the four circles of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Orissa will be gradually scaled down. This decision has been taken in light of the continuing uncertainty around the auction policy and timing.
“Since launch, Uninor has remained among the top 5 GSM operators in Mumbai, Maharashtra & Goa. This is one of our most successful circles and we will continue to invest and expand operations aggressively here,” said Sigve Brekke, Managing Director, Uninor.  “Our plan now is to enter the auctions with an even stronger presence in the nine circles including Mumbai and Maharashtra & Goa, auction rules permitting. We will focus funds, resources and all our efforts to meet even more aggressive targets in these nine circles.”
In Mumbai and Maharashtra & Goa, and the other seven circles, Uninor will significantly expand its distribution and number of shops selling Uninor products. Network coverage across the region will be further strengthened through additional sites. 
This new focus will place the company in a stronger financial and operational position to enter the auctions from, rules permitting.
“As things stand today, we do not foresee the need for any major changes after this in our circles. We plan to use the remaining months to aggressively build operations in these nine circles. Rules permitting, we will enter the auctions fighting fit,” said Brekke
Circles where Uninor operations will be expanded
1. UP (East)
2. UP (West)
3. Bihar and Jharkhand
4. Kolkata
5. West Bengal
6. Andhra Pradesh
7. Mumbai
8. Maharashtra and Goa
9. Gujarat
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