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“We are looking to grow both, user base and brand partnerships in India that will take contextual discoveries to a higher level”

Deepti Mani Saxena, Director Marketing, KeyPoint Technologies

How has been your journey with KeyPoint Technologies so far? What are the major achievements and challenges during the journey?
It is a different kind of a high to be associated with a product that is futuristic. It feels all the more wonderful to be on 10 million devices in the span of just 2 years. We are probably the only keyboard in the market that is powered by Intent technology and has partnerships with all the leading brands. In that sense, it feels great, but there is still a long way to go.

Please share details about your offerings for the Indian Market.
Xploree is currently available in Indian markets for android phones. We are on 10 million devices and have partnered with over 18 brands like Amazon, Zomato, Flipkart, HT, Housejoy and the likes to provide contextual discoveries to users. Xploree supports over 140 languages out of which 28 are indic and that probably makes it one of the few keyboards that has such massive language support.

Could you tell us about your new flagship keyboard app: Xploree? What are its relevance and advantages for smartphone users?
Xploree is a smart mobile keyboard app that doubles up as a smart discovery platform. Powered by AI and NLP, the keyboard allows users to receive relevant recommendations and content while they chat, search, browse apps, etc. Even before users realize, Xploree gauges user’s intent and recommends based on who and what the users care about, current context (location, availability, etc.) and their likelihood to care about things when in a similar context.

Key features:
1. Intenticons/Discovery Key: Experience intent driven virtual triggers on suggestion bar that leads to related/contextual suggestions in real time. Alternatively, the discovery key on the keypad offers all contextual information or services from brands & partners.

2. CrossApp reach: Seamless browsing on the keyboard brings relevant options minus the hassle of switching apps.

3. Language support: Xploree keyboard supports more than 112 global languages and 28 indic languages.

4. Effective transliteration– Xploree gives you the joy of transliterating in more than 11 languages.

5. Does more than just typing: Browse from thousands of interesting contents for sports, entertainment, music, food, technology and more, directly on and from the keyboard

6. One stop solution: Shop on the go, order food online, check for latest movies book hotels, or get a cab, all within the keyboard.

7. User privacy: We follow strict EULA & data privacy policies and do not capture, store or map users’ data. The only data thread that hits our servers is the context and even that dies with the closing of the keyboard session.

What is hyper contextual advertising? What role does Xploree play in hyper-contextual marketing? How advertisers gain from this technology?
Contextual advertising is targeted advertising that typically occurs against a user-initiated behavior or query.

Xploree, a user-initiated discovery platform that predicts the needs of users and instantly connects them to relevant and hyper-contextual deals, offers, products and services. By intelligently making use of language input, the Xploree keyboard aligns itself with the mobile user’s thought process to deliver meaningful suggestions. Emergence of such a thinking keyboard holds the promise to unlock user context through language, in a never before imagined manner.

Users universally use their mobile keyboard to access Facebook, Whatsapp, messaging, IM, email, search engine searches and all sundry apps to continually feed in their explicit and implicit intents. Now, which marketer wouldn’t like to be in this space? To be able to read all this implied intent and make only relevant offer to a relevantly matched audience; it is indeed a marketer’s dream.

What according to you are the new emerging mobile Mobile Technology Trends for 2017-18?
Be it your latest personal assistant app that works with voice commands or the video game you are hooked on to or your latest fitness app, there’s a commonality running through all these systems: one ubiquitous tool which may yet have escaped popular imagination, but which is now quietly unleashing a revolution – The mobile keyboard!

keyboards + AI combination offers limitless possibilities:

Modern keyboards understand context– Modern keyboards utilizing powers of AI, NLP and Intent technology, now have the capability of deciphering human expressions and context through real time text inputs.

Getting recommendations directly from the keyboard– Smart, thinking keyboards will not only act as a source of intent capture, they would also bring immediacy of recommended suggestions/ solutions just when the user needs it the most! In fact, users can now multi-task while chatting or browsing without switching apps. Be it ordering food, booking cabs, checking out the latest news; everything can be done on the same platform without hindering the current activity.

Language technology– Language is going to play a big role in mobile technology without any doubts. In a country like India with diversified population; smartphones have penetrated the smallest of villages, giving local language a boost. It is thus important that people can make the most of the smartphones and this would not be possible without developing the language bandwidth.

What are your immediate priorities and future targets for KeyPoint Technologies?
Our alliance with the country’s top e-tailers are paying fruitful dividends by helping users contextually. There is a lot on cards in terms of the scope offered by Xploree’s intelligent keyboard which can benefit e-tailers and merchants immensely.

Consumer intent to shop among the several categories of products expressed in the many myriad ways still goes largely unnoticed. What we offer to our partners is the chance to become a part of the larger consumer journey.

What are your strategies and market plan for making successful partnerships with your target customers in India?
Given our expertise in linguistics and machine learning, and as a part of our well chalked out plan, we are looking to grow both,user base and brand partnerships in India that will take contextual discoveries to a higher level.

What are the key drivers to the success of language technology in Indian market?
Mining of user intent and context of conversations, post, tweet, comments, etc., will pretty much shape the way users find delightful experiences when communicating. Language occupies a unique position in our online journey as it comes imbibed in every command we give on the smartphone. However, what broadens the scope of language on mobile is the possibility of taking it beyond the usual i.e. connecting users.Technologies that intelligently understand what is expressed by users in their language therefore opens an interesting field for satisfying the consumer appetite for delightful experiences in their own native language, hyper contextually serving with relevance and immediacy.

As a language specialist company, what scope you see for your technology in today’s digital Era? Also, please tell us about the key challenges you face in this segment.

There are close to 117 actively used languages in the world, and all these languages have taken different modern mobile communication flavors amongst the younger generation over the years.

Language technology is changing course from a mere chat and stay-in-touch perspective, to a more decisive one. It is opening a stream of opportunities for developers to leverage language input by unlocking intent, context, named entities, interest areas, to improve consumer experience.

We are constantly improving our language corpus and intent models to ensure we achieve constant positives in accuracy level. Intent analysis broadly from natural language text is a big challenge for not just KeyPoint but for all industry players in the AI, NLP space. There is no single player out there with a solution solving 100% of all user needs. The current focus is to bring in incremental efficiency to users through the output of intent analyzer. To be able to do this effectively on the mobile client without sending data to the cloud for processing is a big advantage for Xploree keyboard app.