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Quantenna 8×8 Access Point Enables Individual Mobile Wi-Fi Client to Exceed 1Gbps Throughput

Industry-First Achievement Using Commercially Available Access Points and Mobile Products

Quantenna Communications, Inc., the innovator and global leader of high performance Wi-Fi solutions, announced the successful delivery of over 1Gbps throughput, demonstrated using Quantenna QSR10GU-AX PLUS and QSR10G, each independently communicating with commercially available mobile products. This breakthrough performance was achieved between Quantenna based access points and a wireless adapter based on the Intel® Wireless-AC 9260. This combination of commercially available consumer products is the first to overcome the 1Gbps TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) speed barrier to a mobile Wi-Fi client based on 2×2 MIMO configuration and creates an unmatched experience for all demanding Wi-Fi-connected applications in the home.

“We are excited to have reached a crucial milestone in making true Gigabit Wi-Fi a widely available technology with support from Intel,” said Dr. Sam Heidari, Chairman and CEO of Quantenna. “Our solution enables new applications and technologies introduced by the latest mobile devices and allows them to provide the best user experience.”
Quantenna QSR10GU-AX PLUS is the most advanced access point solution, delivering unprecedented performance, and supporting key features such as:
• 160MHz bandwidth
• 8×8 multi-user MIMO
• Enabling Wi-Fi networks with up to 10Gbps
• Intelligent and adaptable MIMO configuration with switching between 8×8 and dual 4×4 MIMO
• Patented technologies to increase the network capacity up to 2x
• Maximum spectrum utilization with innovative channel optimization algorithms and analysis

“At twice the speed of 802.11ac 2×2 Wi-Fi, Gigabit Wi-Fi is going to noticeably improve experiences people want the most, from high-definition movie streaming to ultra-responsive gaming to swift downloads — at home or on the go,” said Eric McLaughlin, general manager, Intel Wireless Solutions Group. “The results of Quantenna’s testing show true Gigabit Wi-Fi speeds between an access point and PC are possible. Even better, it’s available today.”

The newest Intel Wireless-AC products support Gigabit speeds (160MHz) and are available in new PCs powered by 8th Gen Intel® Core™ processors today.

“This is the first industry demonstration that shows the delivery of over 1Gbps throughput to mobile 2×2 commercially available products enabling tablets, laptops and other everyday portable devices,” said Mr. Takeshi Niwa, marketing analyst at Techno Systems Research (TSR). “With this technology, end users can enjoy the speed and level of connectivity that was not possible before.”