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Emerging Trends Shaping the Data Center of the Future

Krithiwas Neelakantan, Director, Next Generation Datacentre & Cloud, NetApp India

Data defines the success of today’s businesses and its growth at an unprecedented rate. With huge data, comes the responsibility of a well-managed data centre. Which is why, enterprises are investing in data management solutions to improve business performance and maintain a competitive edge in the global economy. They are willing to innovate and explore options to make their data centre more efficient and agile; ready to scale seamlessly or cope in real time with the increases in business capabilities. Options such as migrating to flash storage and cloud-based architectures as part of their tech refresh cycles.

Technologies that will help today’s enterprises manage current workloads as well as prepare for future.

Cloud – has changed the way organisations look at their architecture. Enterprises have begun to recognise that all data is not going to be stored on-premise, and there is need for the right data management infrastructure to help customers manage their data and workloads on multiple cloud services or in a hybrid environment.

Hyper Converged Infrastructure – IT teams today spend an inordinate amount of time completing mundane tasks such as provisioning or monitoring. Progressive companies are assessing and eyeing Converged Infrastructure (CI) and HCI to reduce integration challenges and free up the IT team’s time for more value-adding initiatives

AI and its infinite possibilities – Artificial intelligence has the potential to transform everything from business operations to the customer experience. Enterprise are using AI to gather and integrate data as well as overcome operational issues.

Therefore, the convergence of cloud computing, HCI and AI as we can see is definitely enabling next-generation, high-performance and high-efficiency data centers.