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Emerging Trends Shaping the Data Center of the Future

Krithiwas Neelakantan, Director, Next Generation Datacentre & Cloud, NetApp India Data defines the success of today’s businesses and its growth at an unprecedented rate. With huge data, comes the responsibility of a well-managed data centre. Which is why, enterprises are investing in data management solutions to improve business performance and maintain

Smart Cities Driving Evolutions in Edge Data Centres

Steven Anson, Vice President, Vertical Marketing Solutions, Anixter According to Digicity, a smart city is the integration of connected technology and data to save resources, increase equity and promote prosperity. The unique goals of each city range from smart transit to public Wi-Fi to smart street lighting. Urban and rural areas are

‘Better connected’ data centres will be the data centres of the future’

Georgina Chu, Regional Head - Wholesale and Enterprise Businesses, Colt There has been a significant trend towards what we call the ‘enterprise defined data centre’, where enterprises can access real-time provisioning and on-demand bandwidth flexing at and between leading data centres. Connectivity, especially SDN-enabled connectivity, is the core backbone of this.

Will 2018 be the year to turn around the Indian Telecom industry?

Deepak Mahajan, Sicap India and APAC’s Executive Director India is the world’s second largest telecom industry market and is expected to grow by 10% annually to reach USD 103.9 billion by 2020. 2017 saw a trend of consolidation in India’s loss-making telecom industry. We witnessed several mergers among private telecom firms including

Why Travelling Light is the Key for Cloud Journeys

Aravindan Anandan, Consulting Systems Engineer Asia Pacific Barracuda Networks Organizations today are increasingly acknowledging the benefits of cloud and cloud-managed services like Office 365 and Amazon Web Services. The worldwide use of public cloud services will grow at a 19.4% annual rate over the next five years, from nearly $70 billion in

The cloud wave in data storage infrastructure

Vivek Tyagi, Director - India Business Development, SanDisk Commercial Sales and Support at Western Digital Corporation Cloud has been driving business capacities widely across sectors. Industries as diverse as retail, hospitality, and transportation are being redefined by the cloud. For many businesses, cloud computing can improve agility, process optimization, speed to market

mmWave Spectrum Opens Up 5G

But Which Frequencies Will Be Relevant? James Kimery, Director of RF Research and SDR Marketing, NI As the world’s standardization bodies move to define the next generation of wireless networks, the goals and objectives for 5G are forcing researchers to change the way they think. Increasing the spectral efficiency of a

Drivers for change in the test and measurement market

Ken Gold, Solution Marketing Leader, EXFO The next big push in test and measurement is the evolution towards virtual network functions (VNF) — enabling any test to be run anywhere at any time by simply instantiating a VNF. This push to network functions virtualization (NFV) is especially interesting for applications where