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Boxilla is where we feel we will be bringing something really substantial to the market

Denzil Stephenson, Director of Sales – APAC, Black Box Network Services

Black Box is an expert technological solution provider. Could you please tell us about your working in real life?
Black Box is a company operating in IT space for over 40 years. So, compared to technology companies we are a long life technology. But the reason we have managed to remain at the forefront of the market space is because we have always kept up with the technology. Right now our technology is focused on providing expert signal management and we do this in control rooms, major conference rooms and in spaces such as video wall production largely working out of command centres and control rooms. So that is why we now find ourselves very much in the forefront.

Every client is different and their requirements are different, budgets are different so what are the things you focus on when you start working for your clients?
First of all we focus on what the client wants because at the end of the day we need to deliver it. Most clients have a very good idea of where they want to go it is for us to tell them how to get there. So we use this in two ways one our sales team interacting face to face with the customers. Most of our sales team are technically very competent so they understand what the customers is saying and understand how we can possibly get there. Secondly they are supported by our technical support centre. We have a strong technical support centre that is focused on the latest technology.

Also, training is a very strong part of Black Box culture. We train ourselves, we train our customers. We also work through system integrators, through value added resellers (VARs) in the market so we have a large group of support around us. That is how we reach and deliver the quality solution to the customers.

100% uptime is critical for today’s hyper connected global business and sub milli second transfer rate is a reality of future networks. How you plan to achieve the demand of future networks?
I am glad you ask this question because to keep that future demand in place we have to have a clever mix of hardware and software. So our latest products are going to have a fair mix of software so future demands can be met by upgrading the device and we will continuously work on that.

We have a very strong research team mainly based out of Ireland. They are supported by other R&D and technical teams based out of Europe and US. But for the Asia Pacific zone we have our own technical support centres. It’s pretty much a virtually technical support centre because we have our application engineers based in multiple cities including Singapore, Mumbai, Delhi, Melbourne and Taiwan etc.

Could you tell us about recently unveiled product Boxilla?
In regard to the Boxilla we think that this is one of the areas where we are going to be leading in the market. The fact is it gives you so much control that it allows you to pretty much control your whole suite of devices from just one seat. You don’t even have to move out of the building. It covers a number of industries like Broadcast, Public Safety, Defense and Transportation and focused very much on the command and control centres. Boxilla is where we feel we will be bringing something really substantial to the market.

What are the trends you foresee in network management that can change everything?
The future trend according to Black Box from the area we focus on is to make things absolutely controllable. Our R&D team is totally focused on keeping us in front. In fact some of the products that we have now got are totally focused on the new technologies that will be leading the industry.

Asia is very lucrative market for DC vendors and infrastructure providers. What are your immediate priorities and future targets for the region?
In the APAC region, our immediate priorities are to develop the markets we haven’t yet penetrated. So we are deploying our teams into India and China. Black Box is entering China and very shortly we will be present in China as Black Box China. We have a couple of years ago set up Black Box India and now we have two presences in India one in Mumbai and one in New Delhi. And of course Singapore remains the strong point. In most of these places we are already serving the Fortune 500. In the short time in India we are already supplying major customers like Tata’s, ONGC, Indian Thermal Power Corporation and they have started using Black Box in major ways largely in the KVM space and we work with very strong system partners over there including people like Schneider and Amazon.