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“We are working towards an expansion plan in India and through Channel Partners globally”

Dr. Devasia Kurian, Founder & CEO, *astTECS




As seen, Asterisk and open source telephony is a success story with so many deployments across the globe, how is the same seen in India?

Over the past few years, open source telephony has gained widespread acceptance across the enterprise environment. The IP-based solution is the new wave and open source-based telephony is opening up new markets for the features &functionality that previously required an expensive PBX system.

The enterprise PBX market in India is quite big, especially in terms of the revenue opportunity for PBX vendors. IP-based alternatives exist for this market and both vendors and carriers are developing strong presence / channels to penetrate the market, at the same time educate and support these businesses with IP. These conditions set the stage for open source telephony.

What are the Emerging Technologies and how do you see *astTECS addressing the market requirements in such a rapidly changing scenario?
Intelligent communications system is transforming the way we work, and delivery platforms like Open Source enterprise communications and SaaS are gaining ground.  Mobile applications are getting integrated in the thrust areas of enterprise IT environment, as customers prefer, unified communication solution over simple voice solution. Also, audio-video integration is helping them reduce administrative expenses, extend business reach and boost productivity.

Further, IP is being accepted as the next wave in communications across all enterprise segments and SIP is enabling users to engage in integrated communications anywhere and anytime regardless of the underlying network infrastructure deployed.

We believe that the telephony market of future is going to be ruled by open source companies and Asterisk platform will power the future communication systems. *astTECS product line is designed for maximum flexibility and supports all voice protocols, at the same time can interoperate with almost every standards-based telephony equipment, using relatively inexpensive hardware.

How is *astTECS brand positioned in this competitive landscape?
Asterisk based Open source solutions are highly cost effective and ROI modelis very compelling in comparison to Traditional / Cloud PBX services. What makes *astTECS brand / product line, valuable in this area, is its seamless and easy integration with the existing system and customization depending upon nature and size of the business. 

Highlight some of the megatrends that will drive IT business landscape and create new opportunities for the industry?
As enterprises becoming more competitive, small and medium business (SMB) space offers abundant opportunities. Smart-phones, video integration and social media would shape the CRM & customer support strategy in the coming years and beyond. According to industry reports, mobile applications & integration, video and social media will become must have elements in the enterprise IT infrastructure and set to play a key role in customer relationship.

The Open Source telephony is smartly complimenting this pace of transformation as it drastically increases employee productivity, reduces costs, quick time to market, offers mobility support and is highly secure & reliable at the same time offers a series of demand-based services and numerous compelling advantages.

How will the role of Partners evolve with these changing times? How significant will be their contribution in the growth of IT business? 
We envision that channel partners will be playing a significant role in helping customers choose the right solution and deploy. In order to optimize efficiency and enhanced partner services with greater value proposition; channel partners have tremendous opportunity to capitalize on evolving trends and grow their businesses profitably. They would play a significant role in helping customers implement the most effective and efficient technology and educate them on the constantly evolving communications landscape.

As a leading player, what will be the contribution from your end to build the local market? 
Our R&D and innovations team is consistently working on communication technologies and specific needs of the enterprises. With steady focus on customer needs, we are constantly working on leveraging *astTECS strong capabilities in product innovation, helping enterprises capitalize on latest in technology and adapt to customer's communications requirements and evolving market opportunities.

Also, we are working towards an expansion plan in India and through channel partners globally, that will bring *astTECS brand & Asterisk Open Source Telephony Solutions closer to the customer.

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