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Udit Shankar, CEO, TeleDNA
What is the future of digital services in India and what are the top 3 major MVAS trends you see in the region?
India's mobile penetration rate has tremendous potential for growth and the next wave of acquisitions would be primarily mobile internet specific. The top 3 trends in my view  Data and its Monetization, Customer Experience and Data usage by Enterprises to improve their productivity.
What do you see as the main challenges for this industry and what is your vision for the industry?
The biggest challenge today is the inability to monetize OTTs. Operators' revenues are stagnant, and OTT players offering video, audio and other services, are growing in numbers and popularity. This combined with the fact that OTT services ride free on telecom systems makes the operators' task much more difficult.
TeleDNA's vision is in line with the vision of the industry to help Operators on OTT monetization. This year, new and unconventional monetization options are promising to emerge, especially in the data space. The focus in the coming year is going to be on “How Operators and their eco-system are able to work with or without OTT vendors to monetize their services” and TeleDNA is launching many products in the same domain.
How are smartphones/tablets & cloud services impacting mobile/internet service providers in India?
With mid range affordable smartphones bursting at the seams, data penetration is bound to get easier. More smartphones would lead to more data penetration and thus more revenue. Phenomenon growth is expected in live Video streaming and adoption of mobile data by Enterprises.
How successful have TeleDNA been in providing innovative value-added services to the fast-growing telecom market in India?
TeleDNA's has been leading in mobile data messaging space within VAS as its flagship products. In the last couple of years innovation has been primarily to support telecom regulations set forth.
With SMAC as key trend of the previous year, TeleDNA's foray into the OTT space with OTT applications like Social i and iConnekt, has been a promising proposition for service providers in countries, where OTT messaging is banned due to security reasons. Social-I & iConnekt platforms offer the multichannel, multiuser social interaction giving operators a chance to launch their own OTT services. In addition, TeleDNA is rolling out secure enterprise messaging communication products and certain other data products, which would give choice to the users (both consumers and Enterprises) to define and fine tune their own data package.
How do you plan to boost mobile VAS revenue generation from 4G / LTE network?
TeleDNA has grasped this opportunity and is working towards a solution to provide a single interface for subscribers to manage user data services. The solution looks at the whole data paradigm in a different light-
- Making data accessible from a single stop  from a smartphone shop
- Selling data on demand
- Flexible data services
- Subscriber chooses own packages
What is TeleDNA market share world-over and particularly in India?
TeleDNA has been increasing it's market share consistently and has more than 72% of Indian operators as its customers; in addition to large government organizations and many Network Equipment providers. TeleDNA has strong presence in SAARC countries and is expanding to the Middle East.
What are your current offerings in VAS?
TeleDNA now joins the vast opportunity landscape of mobile data and enterprise business, while, still retaining strengths in the messaging and value added services space. Its offerings are in the domains of messaging, location, data, and enterprise services for telecom operators and large, medium and small enterprises.
What are immediate priorities and future targets for the company?
Immediate priority is one  to aggressively move in the data space, helping operators monetize data effectively, changing traditional mindset of selling prebundled data services.
The organization is now also approaching the enterprise business; thereby targeting enterprise consumers with applications that can be hosted inhouse and customized as per the need of the enterprise users.
Any particular current or recent projects/success stories that you want to share?
TeleDNA is a beacon of pioneering technological advancements and driving growth through excellence and innovation. There have been many testimonies wherein TeleDNA has stood up to client's challenges and provided most timely, cost effective solution with supreme customer experience in least possible time. This is well reverberated and reflected in the TeleDNA way of executing and achieving work programmes.
TeleDNA successfully managed to enhance operational and business model efficiency of a leading operator in India. This was achieved by swapping the incumbent vendor, rearchitecting the network and augmentation of a huge messaging capacity, in a very short span of time. At the same time,TeleDNA delivered outstanding services and provided a consistently high level of customer service across the operator circles.
One of the key financial astuteness and uniqueness of this was that complete existing vendor's hardware was reused; without any disruption of services. The contributing success factors were recourse optimization, agile implementation and superlative financial management.
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