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TELECOM ERA: your trusted telecom business partner

Telecom Era is committed to provide its advertisers with maximum exposure and extensive coverage making their products, technology and expertise to reach out to the target audience. To serve this purpose Telecom Era provides a multiple-options advertising program for the advertisers.

Telecom Era’s unique marketing strategy makes accessible your company’s information, expertise, products and services to a multitude of targeted professionals, industry experts and decision makers of various segments of telecom sector through its print and electronic channels. Hence you get an unparalleled opportunity to further reach out to those who matter and strengthen your company’s profile and demonstrate your leadership and expertise to a valuable group of potential customers.

Telecom Era is assuredly the perfect platform to all the companies who are eyeing the Asian market particularly India and those who are keen to stamp their mark still stronger in this region.


The advertisers now have the twofold advantage of appearing on print as well as the online version of Telecom Era Magazine. With just one click of the mouse you will be connected to a much larger number of ICT professionals worldover. Not only this advertisers can also have their own websites directly hyperlinked from the E – version.

For advertising/marketing options, contact: Reena Athwain at